About Us

We love great food and drink and hope that you will share our appetite for some of the wonderful artisan products we have discovered whilst planning our fabulous tasty tours and hampers. After all, research is everything …and we have thoroughly enjoyed our research!

The products we have featured in our tours and hampers are all made by small batch, artisan producers whose passion for the quality of their delicious food and drink shine through. Whether it is cheese, bakery, charcuterie, preserves or some wonderful alcoholic treasures, we have found some fabulous treats for you. We will share some of the stories and tales from past and present to really bring these culinary gems and the people who produce them to life.

There is nothing more enjoyable than sharing great food and drink with family, colleagues or friends, new and old. We hope that you will join us on our home tasting adventures, discover some hidden gems and whether they become everyday family favourites or special occasion treats, our work is done.

We both have a professional background in the local food and drink sector and with our experience, love of amazing products and desire to share our favourites with you, Armchair Tasting Tours was born.

Hilary and Claire