Armchair Tasting Tours take caring for our environment very seriously and have sourced all our products with this foremost in our mind.

We only supply products from small local artisan producers. No food and drink products are imported.

Sustainable packaging

The ‘Woolcool’ pouches are both recyclable and reusable and offer a truly sustainable solution to keeping our chilled products in perfect condition. They use 100% natural wool to insulate – wool is one of nature’s most amazing ‘smart fibres’, with a complex structure and natural properties that cope with extremes of cold and heat. The wool insulation is totally compostable and biodegradable, releasing valuable nitrates back into the soil.

The chill pouches are water-filled which can be poured down the drain and any plastics used are easily recyclable at local authority waste depots.

The packing ‘wood wool’ is made from a light biodegradable, environmentally friendly shredded timber.

The cardboard delivery boxes are produced using recycled materials (between 60 and 90%) and are easily recyclable at local authority waste depots.


In 2010, Woolcool won The Observer’s Ethical Awards and was also named Best Eco-Friendly Product at the Green Business Awards. Then, at the UK Packaging Awards, Woolcool won Sustainable Pack of the Year.
In 2018, Woolcool was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category.

Do you want to reuse the liners? Here are some ideas:

Wool is malleable and flexible that it can be shaped and cut to be used in all kinds of unusual ways:

  • Use the wool to line backpacks and bags to protect laptops and tablets.
  • The liners can be rolled up to create draft excluders to block out cold breezes from your home.
  • They can also be used to wrap around pipes to provide insulation against freezing temperatures.
  • The liners can even be cut to create cosy insoles for your wellies or boots.
  • Use wool to tuck up tender plants for winter with a snuggly wool ‘blanket’