Newsletter No 4 – December 2021

Seasons greetings! We hope you are all well and enjoying the festivities, not long until Christmas now, it’s probably time to get the sprouts on if you haven’t already! Of course, it can be a really difficult time for many and also hard work for those making Christmas “happen”. Great news, we are here to take the strain. Hampers are a great gift for those who have everything, elderly parents, foodies and lovers of all things Sussex, who doesn’t enjoy some delicious treats? Most importantly, it’s a simple order online and the job is done, we will pack and dispatch and even include a handwritten card with your personal message. Last hamper orders by the 12th December, so get ordering to avoid disappointment and an exhausting trudge around the shops in a mask….

Our Christmas hampers are full of festive food and drink, ginger wine, semi-sweet red vermouth, sloe gin truffles, Brighton smoked salmon and some luscious preserves, Christmas Pudding marmalade, Three Kings Chutney, Fairy Jelly, cranberry with silver leaf and the shockingly addictive salted caramel ( for cakes, ice cream, toast or crumpets or my personal favourite from the jar with a spoon) and much more.

We also include some of our favourite cheeses, the Brighton Blue and Olde Sussex. The county makes some of the best cheeses not just in the UK but in the world, so this Christmas how about finishing your festive meal with a local cheeseboard?

Our Cheeseboard Recommendations

The Blues

If you are a blue cheese lover, how about the Pevensey Blue? A lockdown baby, made in Hastings, this delicious blue is reminiscent of a Gorgonzola, soft, creamy and spreadable.

Brighton Blue is a fabulous cheese made by High Weald Dairy, multi award winning, this little lovely is a mellow blue which develops a stronger flavour as it matures.

If you prefer a milder blue, Armchair Tasting Tours love Blue Clouds, a mild, creamy blue cheese with an edible rind. A bit like gorgonzola dolce.

Soft and Creamy, Mild and Luscious

Sussex Brie is an outstanding and delicious Camembert type cheese made by Sussex cheese makers Allsop and Walker. Creamy and mild, this cheese goes really well with honey. If you really want to celebrate in style their Truffle Brie is absolutely stunning, a real festive treat.

Golden Cross Goats Milk cheese is another cheeseboard hero, this super creamy mild log will charm every one, lovely with all kinds of chutneys or try a little raspberry jam…

Semi Hard and Hard Cheeses

So many to choose from in this county. Woodside Red from Plumpton College. Plawhatch vintage cheddar, a powerful mature cheese from this amazing biodynamic farming community. Olde Sussex is lush. Deep rich and creamy with a lovely tang, every ploughman’s choice. Also from the Traditional Cheese Dairy, Scrumpy Sussex, a cheddar infused with garlic, herbs and cider, if there is any left on Boxing Day this one makes a great cheese on toast!

Just a few recommendations, there are so many more to choose from. Don’t forget the accompaniments, fruit, fresh and dried. Ripe pears and dried apricots, walnuts, almonds, grapes and figs….Chutneys, jams and pickles, honey or truffle honey? It is Christmas after all and of course crackers, toasts, bread or biscuits, it’s all about the crunch.

We all have our favourite places to buy cheeses locally, if you feel like an adventure we highly recommend the Cheese Hut at Shoreham Harbour for a huge range of cheeses, chutneys and accompaniments.

Merry Christmas to you all, stay safe and well, we wish you a very happy New Year,

Claire and Hilary

Armchair Tasting Tours

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